Friday, January 30, 2009

Superbowl excitement

Posted by Courtney E. Howard

Excitement surrounding Superbowl 43 is palpable -- even if the New England Patriots are sitting this one out. I -- like other Pats fans, I am sure -- am trying to share in the Superbowl excitement, as we look forward to Tom Brady's return next season. The Superbowl is turning out to be a bright spot and an (albeit temporary) diversion from our everyday existence at a time when there isn't much else to celebrate, it seems. When I am out and about, conversations inevitably then turn to the impending big game, even among people who could not care less about football, largely in an attempt to avoid more-depressing talk about the latest unemployment figures, business closings, economic hardships, and the like.

Just as we Pats fans are sitting this Superbowl out, so too are car manufacturers. I, for one, am pleased to see that the auto manufacturers who are benefiting from our tax money (via the last round of bailouts) are not advertising during the Superbowl. After all, the $3 million they would have to shell out for a 30-second spot would be our hard-earned money. I am still bitter about the private jets the executives took to the first hearing, where they then acted contrite and desperate. And the award for best actor goes to....

Have a fantastic Superbowl weekend, and let's hope Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen doesn't suffer a "wardrobe malfunction" at half time. I'm just worried kids will ask, "Who is that guy?" and make me feel even older than I am.

Go [insert favorite team here]!

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