Thursday, April 3, 2008

M&AE: Investing in & building community

Posted by Courtney E. Howard

For many, the new fiscal year started this week. The dawn of a new fiscal year, not to mention the replenished funds that accompany it, is often welcomed -- nay, eagerly awaited. This year is different, however; virtually every economic outlook delivered by financial pundits is peppered with the R word (recession). There is an upside!

While many organizations (perhaps yours included) are hunkering down, bracing for the foreboding economic unknown (as foretold by financial and economic pundits), the staff of Military & Aerospace Electronics is investing in the very near future.

The travel budget is often among the first to be slashed preceding and during an economic downturn. If you cannot interface face to face (author uses repetition unsuccessfully for effect), or even if you can, join your industry colleagues online at the Military & Aerospace Electronics Web site.

If your travel budget won't carry you across the street, simply plunk down in front of your computer and connect with the industry. Post a comment on the editors' blog entries, read the half-dozen new online articles each day, and watch interesting video content relevant to the mil-aero market via

In the weeks to come, look for the new Community page, an online environment soon to be populated with industry members exchanging their ideas, opinions, innovations, "war stories," and much more. Also, keep an eye out for the Military & Aerospace Electronics video channel, coming soon.

In summary, c'mon online ... and come as you are: comment in your camouflage, propose ideas or act the pundit in your PJs, submit a query in your suit. Just come. I want to hear about you! See you soon!

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