Monday, February 21, 2011

Redesigned Military & Aerospace Electronics Website helps you see more, and see it fast:

Posted by John Keller

Military & Aerospace Electronics online is helping readers see more, and see it more quickly, than ever before with the latest Website redesign at

The Military & Aerospace Electronics Website redesign puts the latest content first in the upper lefthand box called Today's Headlines, for readers who just don't have time for anything else than what's going on right now -- today.

If you have a little more time, take a look at the Mil & Aero Blog, which now is located on the top righthand corner next to Today's Headlines. This is where you can get the editor's take on the latest developments, contracts, design-ins, and technology trends relevant to the aerospace and defense electronics industry.

Need a deep dive? Just slide down the lefthand column just below Today's Headlines, and you'll find our Exclusive Content department, which is home to all of the in-depth, exclusive technology and application features in Military & Aerospace Electronics.

Need a little break? You can let the Military & Aerospace Electronics Website do the driving by checking out the Military & Aerospace Video section in the righthand column just below the blog. One of our newest innovations, the Mil & Aero Video presents a weekly video blog from the editors of Military & Aerospace Electronics and Avionics Intelligence. Here you also can see product demos and aerospace and defense systems in action.

Have a minute to socialize? Then surf on over the Mil-Aero Command Post community, located on the righthand side of the homepage below the videos. The Command Post community, hosted by Military & Aerospace Electronics Senior Editor Courtney Howard, is where readers get their say, and where readers can comment on a variety of pertinent topics.

Now, if you would like to browse our news content, scroll on down the lefthand column of the home page to the Latest News section. Here you'll see our top news stories from the past several days. Want more news? Just click the See All Latest News link at the end of that department.

It's the same drill for the Defense Executive department on the righthand column just below the Command Post community. This is your home for the latest and archived news and events of keen interest to executives, program managers, and engineering managers.

Want to brows the latest new products? Keep on sliding down the lefthand column to the Industry News Flash department for the most recent products announcements on embedded computing, power electronics, electro-optics, and more.

Also on the page you can see what's most popular on the site right now, and browse through white papers from some of the most influential companies in our industry.

While you're on the page, don't forget to check out the links at the top to our sister site, Avionics Intelligence, and our embedded computing topic center, where you can see a digest of all the latest content related to embedded computing.

I think you'll agree the site is brighter, more useful, and faster to read then you've ever seen, and we're not done. Look back often to see the latest developments we're making to be the most crucially important site on the World Wide Web for anyone interested in Military & Aerospace Electronics.

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