Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not a bad time to travel

Posted By John McHale

Yes, the economy is tanking, and big airplane makers like Boeing are having major layoffs, yet airfares and hotel rates are down and flights aren't even crowded.

I flew to Amsterdam this week for our Avionics conference and exhibition and only booked my airfare a couple weeks ago, yet got a lower fare than colleagues who booked more than a month in advance. Not only that I had no one in my row and could stretch out for the all night flight.

It's true I'm on an expense account, but it's never been cheaper to travel if you have some disposable cash for a long weekend, even to Europe.

I'd say do it quickly though before things get worse and before the airlines think of more creative ways to make up for lost revenue.

They've already touched our wallets for checked luggage, soft drinks, etc...

Reportedly Ryan Air, a discount European airline, is considering charging passengers to use the bathroom!!! So if you forget to hit the ATM before you board it could be a very long flight...

Would that fly in the states? (I know, very bad pun) I think the picture of returning Iraq war vets paying for toilet runs in the friendly skies should make airline PR folks cringe.

So before you have to swipe a credit card outside the lavatory, take that little trip you've been meaning to take.

Try Amsterdam too, a beautiful city in many ways...

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