Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Network with an industry knowledge base

Posted by Courtney E. Howard

I have great news. The Command Post online community at has at the ready a panel of knowledgeable, experienced, and entertaining individuals to answer your inquiries.

If you have a question, are facing a challenge, are looking for remedies or solutions, or just want to brainstorm with like-minded people, you can now gain insight, suggestions, product and trend info, and answers from various and valued industry pundits and professionals.

Tell us what you are looking for, wrestling with, or need advice or information about, and one or more knowledgeable members or panelists will get back to you -- publicly or privately.

Start a discussion in the community online, send me a message from within The Command Post (by clicking on my profile, and then on "send a message" underneath my profile picture), or email me directly at

A network of helpful, knowledgeable folks is waiting to help and/or hear from you!

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